Saga cover
The Saga of the Dogue de Bordeaux by Raymond Triquet Translated from French by Janneke Leunissen & Harry Baxter

The Definitive work on the Dogue de Bordeaux, written by the father of the breed, Professor Raymond Triquet. Now this scholarly book is available in English!  In the translation by Janneke Leunissen-Rooseboom and Harry Baxter, every effort has been made to remain true to the text and to convey the author's style.

From a review from D.Andersson:
"Professor Triquet has that intangible and unique ability to get into a "dogue's" head and he has the literary skills to put pen to paper and convey to his reader exactly what he found while he was in there. I was nodding my head in approval of everything he wrote about the temperament of the Dogue, saying yes! And yes! This is no hot house plant, this French Dogue of Triquet's, but they need always to be led, and not pushed, and one must earn their respect. I am completely in love with this book, this 'SAGA' of Triquet's.
Not only should anyone who owns a Dogue de Bordeaux have a copy of this great book, I also recommend it very highly for anybody who has a dog that is a member of one of the molosser breeds. In addition, those who share my interest in canine history must certainly have this book in their canine library for the Dogue de Bordeaux is, indeed, one of the most ancient breeds and Triquet left no stone unturned."